The Tale of the Giant Tree and the Tiny Fairy Door.

When Tanya Bennett and her daughters placed a fairy door on the giant tree near their home in the Hastings-Sunrise area of Vancouver BC they had no idea they were truly casting a spell that would spread a little magic to all over the neighbourhood. 
According to tradition, they left a tiny key outside the door. After a few days, the key was gone – a sign that some fairies had moved in! 

What they were not expecting, was for the door itself to disappear a few days later. 

Had some evil trolls stolen the door? Or had the mischievous fairies moved to another tree? Even worse, the girls were worried that a thief had taken the door and now the fairies were trapped inside the tree.  Their mom posted a message on the Hastings-Sunrise Parents Facebook group hoping someone would see it.

Fairy Doors of East Van

East Van is a magical community – and the neighbours all contributed to a list of other fairy doors in East Vancouver. A surprisingly big list! And, a fun scavenger hunt to cheer the girls up that would become a map to share with all of the children, and eventually this website Fairy Doors of Vancouver. A local teacher has also started a Fairy Door project and so we look forward to many more fairies moving to the neighbourhood!

In June 2019, the Bennetts teamed up with The Learnary for a fairy door event: The Learnary hosted a Fairy Door Making Celebration. Fairy friends made their own fairy doors at the Learnary and then received a map so they could participate in the Fairy Door Hunt created by the Bennetts (the girls made the doors and their mom made the map). Local game company Vancouver Mysteries helped promote the event (Tanya is a co-owner). At one point there was a waitlist to get in to this wonderful event and Fairy Door Making became a regular event at the Learnary – check their website for details.

Report Fairy Sightings

Do you know about a fairy door in the metro Vancouver area that isn’t on our map? Or do you have a photo you’d like to share? We would love to hear from you.

Update: Fairy Doors of Canada?!

We’ve received reports of an entire Fairy Town in Halifax and have added it to the map. See below:

The CBC also featured a fairy town in Newfoundland in this article: Meet the fairy caretaker of Airport Heights,, Aug 27 2019

The Bennetts visited the Enchanted Forest in Revelstoke, BC on July 19, 2019 and were delighted to see some fairy doors there!